Ending the Semester the Same Way I Began… Blasting “The Final Countdown” on a Seemingly Endless Loop

This semester was a very productive one for me and at long last I can display the fruits of my labor in Flash CS6! Four of my projects from the fall 2013 iteration of the Mobile Gaming class at Trinity University can be viewed below the cut: my animation, hangman game, adventure game, and (work-in-progress) 2D space shooter.

Richard Dietz’s Mobile Gaming Portfolio, Fall 2013
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The Year in Review

I have to be honest; I struggled a lot in this class. Though I had experience with Flash and graphic design in the past, Actionscript was a completely new experience for me, and one that did not come easily. Late nights, long hours, and a lot of help from my classmates carried me through this semester, but all the hard work paid off. I learned a lot in this class, and I bled for it. Overall, I’m very proud of what I accomplished. What follows is my portfolio for my work in Mobile Gaming Fall ’13.

Hannah Pruitt’s Portfolio | Fall 2013

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An ActionScript and Flash Adventure.

A new tool in my College Toolbox. Learning how to use Flash CS6 and Action Script 3 has been really interesting. From designing animations to designing games this semester has been all about learning new things. In the following paragraphs I will present the projects done this semester including: A day in Bob’s Life: Animation, Hipster-fy-man: Game, Legend of Zelda Time Attack: Game, and Team Fortress 2 Pixel Game: Game. 

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A Final Compilation

This post contains the works I have created over the past semester under the instruction of Dr. Delwiche and his Mobile Games class at Trinity University. Throughout the semester we worked on many different concepts involved in the production and programming of games within Flash Professional and Actionscript. Within this blog, you will be able to find and read about four different projects I created, as well as engage in the games themselves by clicking on the links provided.

Animation video: Jungle Terrors

2013-12-19 14_27_43-blog portfolio.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word

This short animation video was our first project for the class in order to get in touch with how to use the Flash program and illustrate images of our own and have them move with purpose for a viewer to watch. A lot of time was spent working on the story boards as well as using the tools within the Flash program in order to completely draw out the images used in them.

2013-12-19 14_28_41-blog portfolio.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word

This animation in particular tells the story of a man with a video camera running around the jungle only to come upon a terrifying and deadly creature… you’ll have to watch the animation yourself to find out what happens next!

2013-12-19 14_30_49-blog portfolio.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word






Hangman: The Kandi-Man Trade Game

2013-12-19 14_24_47-Portfolio blog.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word

Our next project concept involved a very well-known, classic game: hangman. This was our first project also involving the use of Actionscript to program functions and get the mechanics of the game up and running. We had to take this general concept of the game and come up with a new and original idea for it, not necessarily hanging a man if you guess the word wrong.  I decided to pursue a huge love of mine: music.

2013-12-19 14_25_45-Portfolio blog.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word

The point of this game is to guess the letters to fill in the blanks of a certain given word. The words fit in the them of a “rave” or electronic music. Every time you guess wrong, the wrist on the right loses a piece of kandi (or a beaded bracelet). Once the wrist has lost all of it’s kandi, the game is over and you must start again. Go ahead and give it a shot, test out your music and rave scene knowledge!

Dungeon Playground: Get that Chicken!

2013-12-19 14_22_11-Portfolio blog.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word

This Hunt Game was our first attempt at making an interactive keyboard experience, with characters and enemies and objectives to fulfill. Our goal was to create a world with an appropriate color palette and have a player that needed to get from one point to the other, and enemies who would reduce health upon collision, as well as a component of the game involving picking up an object.

2013-12-19 14_23_00-Portfolio blog.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word

This particular game tells the story of a determined little fox who must wander his way through a maze to pick up the little chicken he was spying for dinner. There are obstacles along the way such as pitchforks and bushes that will reduce your health along the way, and if you run out of health, a game over screen will appear and you will be sent back to play level one again. Go ahead and take a shot to get that “winner winner, chicken dinner”!

The Final Game: A Penguin Christmas

2013-12-19 14_19_37-Portfolio blog.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word

This game is the final project for the class. It’s another version of a hangman game, but it involves a couple extra features and a more comprehensive story line. This involves a little penguin who put out milk and cookies for Santa. Every time a letter is guess incorrectly, a cookie is eaten and the milk gets lower. Once all of the cookies are eaten and the milk is gone, the screen will say you get coal in your stocking for being a bad little penguin. If you get the word guessed correctly, you get a present for Christmas for being a good little penguin.

2013-12-19 14_20_56-Portfolio blog.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word

Unfortunately to my dismay, this project is still a working progress and not quite finished, so I have not posted the link to it. I hope to continue my work on it independently in the semester to come and I will edit this blog to include it once I have completed it to my satisfaction. For now, enjoy the pictures that I have provided!

All in all, I feel that I have learned more than I could have ever imagined about animation and programming and coding, and I really aim to continue learning and growing from it so that one day  I could mold it into a potential career. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Delwiche and my fellow classmates for helping me during the rough parts and pushing me to do things I wasn’t so sure I could accomplish.

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What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

In this post I will debrief the Mobile Game Design class that I took Fall of 2013 Continue reading

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The End of the Road

It’s been a long hard semester and I’m glad to say it’s over, but if there was one class I was to hope for more of, it would be this one! I’m taking the Intro to Game Development course in the Comp. Sci. department this next semester, and I know that everything I’ve learned in this course will be of great use there and in the future!

Digital Portfolio for Reece McDonald (2013)

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What A Semester…

It’s been a long semester. Going from knowing nothing about coding and taking a jump off the cliff without knowing what was at the bottom to take this class, I think it goes without saying that I learned a lot over the course of these last few months. And it also seems oddly appropriate that I’ve taken this class seeing as how my roommate is a computer science major, so now I have a better (though nowhere near complete) understanding of what he’s been doing for the past few years. But anyway, on to the major points of frustration and pulling hair and internally screaming that happened in this class that ultimately brought about a feeling of great accomplishment! Continue reading

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